Healthy baseball soil is more profitable than tens of billions of free agents, and the owner must step up to strengthen competitiveness

March 20, 2023 0 Comments

While the KBO league demonstration game is in full swing, the high school baseball weekend league also opened on the 18th. Prospective students who are about to take the entrance exam this year have to compete fiercely every week.

There is also a level gap in high school baseball. Due to the overcrowding of the metropolitan area, especially the Seoul area, many student athletes are transferring schools to Gyeonggi-do or other provinces in order to seize opportunities to participate in games. Student athletes who remain in Seoul secure competitiveness through so-called individual training at the academy. The burden is passed on to the parents. Baseball costs a lot of money among team ball games. It costs millions of won every month to cover not only the school membership fee, but also hospital equipment for the academy, training or conditioning center, and physical therapy.

The reason he pours money into his children is because he wants them to become professional baseball players. Not all student athletes can wear a professional uniform, but not one or two parents invest in their children with the hope that ‘my child is different’. Parents feel that if they want to send their children to a four-year university in Seoul, they must spare no expense. It means that the deformed Korean entrance exam culture, in which even students who study, spend a considerable amount of money every month on private education, is no different from the sports world.

The performance of the game is directly related to the entrance exam, and the evaluation of the school sports team is divided according to whether it is a pro or college entrance. The reputation of the school depends on how many people it sent to the pros and how many people passed the 4-year university in Seoul. The price of the coaching staff is rising, and it is a good soil for the deformed structure that is hard-carried by a very small number of talented student athletes.

Some parents struggle to gain an advantage in their children’s higher education even if they give back money. Not all schools with elite baseball teams are like that, but stories such as personality and process are bound to be words in the dictionary. It is true that it is difficult to have strong roots.

For this reason, the organization should step up and create the soil for student athletes to focus on the process. It is not impossible if the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) expands the next level training camp that is being held every year. The so-called ‘South Coast Belt’ can also be used as a training ground.

It is also a way to select players who show outstanding talent from a young age to the national team by age group and let them accumulate various experiences. It is necessary to organize a national team from 13 years old to 20 years old to hold an international competition with camp training during summer and winter vacations. If numerous coaches and players who have retired from professional careers participate in education, and if youth psychological counselors help them develop their mental strength, student athletes’ goals may change. If players who have been on the national team spread the personality and basic skills that baseball players should have to their school teammates, a healthy synergistic effect may occur.

The baseball world expresses disapproval of the regular operation of the national team for the reason that ‘there are not many international competitions’. If the owner of the KBO League shows his will,토토사이트 it is not difficult to create 9 tournaments. Even if only the home & away competitions are invited to youth national teams from Asia, such as Japan and Taiwan, the eye level of growing student athletes can change. It means that the pros directly raise the players to be used in the pros. The various career expansions derived from this process are vast enough to be dealt with separately.

Anyway, it is very important for a company to recruit a large free agent (FA) and win the Korean Series. However, it is more helpful for the development of the baseball industry to consistently produce outstanding prospects every year than pouring a large amount of money every four years. If you turn a 100 billion won market into a 100 billion dollar market, you will also expand the profits that companies will enjoy. We need attention and insight from the owners of the nine clubs (Kiwoom is not the owner). To broaden the base of amateurs, capital must be invested. When the base is widened, there will be student athletes who have dreams other than professional athletes.

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