Headed to the head of the first pitch 146km fastball… KIA Eui-ri Lee Headshot No. 4 exit

May 25, 2023 0 Comments

KIA Tigers Eui-ri Lee threw a headshot and was sent off.

Lee Eui-ri took the mound as a starting pitcher in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Hanwha Eagles match held at Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 25th.

However, something unexpected happened early in the game. Eui-ri Lee, who struck out Hyun-bin Moon and Eun-seong Chae at the end of the first inning, was shaken by walking first batter Noh Si-hwan at the end of the second inning. And the first pitch thrown against Kim In-hwan headed toward his head. It hit Kim In-hwan’s helmet, and Kim In-hwan fell right down.

Lee Eui-ri was surprised and headed to Kim In-hwan. Managers and coaching staff from both teams came out to check on Kim In-hwan’s condition.안전놀이터

According to the headshot rule, if a fastball hits the head, the pitcher must leave the mound immediately. Eui-ri Lee said she was sorry and headed to the dugout. Eui-ri Lee is the fourth player to have a headshot sent off this season.

Fortunately, Kim In-hwan seemed to have avoided serious injuries. He sat down, brushed off the pain, and headed to first base.

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