Gwangyang City, Jeonnam’s first elementary, middle, and high school students to support school trip expenses

Gwangyang City announced that it is the first local government in Jeollanam-do to support school trip expenses for elementary, middle, and high school students.

This support is to help teenagers who have not been able to go on school trips due to the prolonged COVID-19 with various and creative educational activities centered on experiences.

According to the Jeollanam-do Office of Education, in 2023, 토토사이트 each student plans to support 150,000 won for elementary school, 195,000 won for middle school, and 240,000 won for high school for field trips. In 2024, 200,000 won and 26 It is expected to expand support for school trip expenses by raising it from 10,000 won to 320,000 won.

The difference between 2023 and 2024 support from the Jeonnam Office of Education, 50,000 won for elementary school, 65,000 won for middle school, and 80,000 won for high school, is supported by Gwangyang City as a school subsidy to reduce the burden on students so that they can go on a school trip.

The target audience is about 4,300 students in the 6th grade of elementary school, 3rd grade of middle school, and 2nd grade of high school in the region where the school trip is being promoted, and the city reflected the project cost of 279 million won in the universal education welfare field of the 2023 educational environment improvement project.

With the support from the provincial office of education and city subsidies, schools can promote more diverse and rich school trip programs, and parents are expected to reduce the burden of educational expenses.

The city plans to receive a demand survey and business application for school trip support from schools in March and issue subsidies to each school in April.

Jeong In-hwa, Mayor of Gwangyang, said, “We hope that opportunities for quality experience activities will be provided to students in the Gwangyang region through the support for school trip expenses.” said.

This year, Gwangyang City plans to promote an educational environment improvement project worth KRW 7.1 billion in 44 programs in 12 fields to diversify the curriculum and support customized students. 781 million won was reflected as a school trip cost support project.