Government, intensive investment in 6 core tasks of K-culture

The government is providing 790 billion won, the largest amount ever, to foster K-content. In addition, the standards for the number of attendance days for student athletes will be relaxed to reflect the voices from the field that they have hindered the development of elite sports.

In a business report at the Blue House on the 5th, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo-kyun revealed six key tasks with the vision of ‘national leap led by K-culture, people’s happiness’.

First, in order to foster K-content and maximize its effectiveness, 790 billion won of policy finance, including the ‘K-Content Fund (410 billion won)’, will be supported. In order to solidify the status of K-movies and K-dramas, content infrastructure will be expanded, support for production of specialized contents for online video service (OTT) will be greatly expanded (45.4 billion won), and post-production support such as subtitles and dubbing will be supported (30 billion won). also promote a new

Through the combination of online K-pop performances (8 billion won) and information and communication technology (ICT) in the music industry 메이저놀이터 (8.2 billion won), K-pop’s global craze continues. In order to strengthen competitiveness in the field of webtoons and web novels, the Webtoon Convergence Center will be established in June and foster writers with 1 billion views.

In the field of tourism, ‘3C strategies’ such as convergence of K-culture, charming attractions with stories, and convenient and comfortable tourism (Convenience) will be promoted so that this year will be the first year of a tourism powerhouse. This year alone, the goal is to attract 10 million foreign tourists and generate 16 billion dollars in tourism revenue.

In particular, this year is declared the ‘Visit Korea Year’, and K-tourism road shows are held in 15 overseas cities to turn K-culture fever into demand for visiting Korea. Create the Blue House as a historical and cultural tourism cluster and foster it as a tourism brand.

In the field of sports, through the ‘Incentive Project for Nationals who Exercise’ this year, a maximum of 50,000 won per person will be supported and an additional income deduction for sports facilities will be introduced. In addition, the base of sports clubs will be increased by expanding the selection of designated sports clubs (69 in 2922 → 120 in 2023) and introducing a preliminary designation system.

▲Increase athlete training allowance (70,000 won in 2022 → 80,000 won/day in 2023) ▲Expand employment period for dedicated teams and trainers (11 months in 2022 → 12 months in 2023) ▲ The creation of a special training center in Jincheon National Training Center (KRW 6 billion) will also be promoted.

In order to nurture sports dreamers, a school athletic department founding support project (20 schools, 1 billion won) was also newly established. In order to ensure a harmonious guarantee of the right to exercise and the right to study, the standard for the number of attendance days for student athletes will be eased.