‘Ginseng Captain’ Oh Se-geun, an evolutionary big man who refuses time

April 28, 2023 0 Comments

The championship match between Anyang KGC and Seoul SK is underway. Taking advantage of the winning streak, SK took the first game, but KGC also led the second game to victory, returning the series to the starting point. Without Ahn Young-jun and Choi Jun-yong, the main members of last season’s combined championship, SK reorganized the team with firepower basketball centered on regular season MVP Kim Seon-hyeong (34‧187cm) and best foreign player Jamil Warney (29‧199cm). It is a stable balance that maintains basketball steadily.

In this playoff, the performance of the toxic guards shone. From Lee Jeong-hyeon (23‧187cm), a 2nd year professional who played an active role as a new lead in Goyang Carrot’s ‘Miracle Show’, to SK Knights Captain Kim Seon-hyung, who roamed the KBL battlefield with a famous sword called ‘Floater’… , Fans screamed joyfully at the brilliant play of the technicians who created a new story every game.

In the meantime, there is a player who is taking silent steps towards the goal of winning by doing his part without ups and downs in every game. KGC has been evaluated as having a better position balance than any other team, but Oh Se-geun has a great presence there.

Because he is still maintaining his dignity as a league-top big man while fighting big and small injuries at a fairly young age, KGC is able to compete with any team regardless of gender. The fact that Omari Spellman (25, 206cm), who is not an orthodox big man, can freely throw his long-term 3-point shot is a big reason why he has a good post partner.

Even in the championship match, Oh Se-geun continues to perform well. In the first game, he played for 36 minutes and 31 seconds, recording 21 points (62.5% field goal success rate) and 16 rebounds. did. He doesn’t look bad even if he’s just a foreign player, not a ‘foreign player’ level, just looking at his record, minus his name.

Compared to last season, KGC is evaluated to have become stronger compared to SK, which has a severe power leak. Although an outstanding shooter named Seong-Hyun Jeon has left, Byung-Jun Bae fills the vacancy to some extent, and Lens Abando (25‧188cm), who joined the team through the Asian quota system, shows off the athletic ability and elasticity of a non-Asian and is ‘actually a short foreign player’. ‘ is even heard.

Even during the regular season, Abando had exceptionally good results against SK, so expectations were high as a ‘secret weapon’ even before the series started. The regret due to the sluggishness in the first game flew by with 18 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, and 3 steals in the second game for a while. This is why there is a saying that ‘KGC has three foreign players’. 

Nevertheless, Oh Se-geun’s presence in karate cannot be overemphasized. Spellman and Abando are good players. It is gorgeous and has explosive power. The problem is ups and downs. Spellman’s performance in the offense and defense drops dramatically if outside shots do not go in as he wants. Many point out that Abando needs to learn more about understanding team play and detailed defense.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

The pros and cons are clear, so when I do well, I do really well, but in the opposite case, there are times when my performance is worse than that of quite a few bench members. Shooter Bae Byung-Jun also has good shooting skills, but struggles against strong defenders. Oh Se-geun even plays the role of a special helper who checks and helps his colleagues in all such areas.

If a foreign player spell man plays a lot on the outside, focus on the post play and change the attack pattern to focus on penetration to widen the range of his activity and create space. When Abando goes on the court, he opens the way through screens or passing plays so that he can demonstrate his long-term jumping ability, and after concentrating the defenders toward himself, he is good at playing to save outside shooters such as Bae Byung-jun through kick-out passes.

Oh Se-geun, who boasts a brilliant career such as 3 KBL championships, 1 regular season MVP, 2 playoff MVPs, FIBA ​​Asian Cup best 5, and Asian Games gold medal, is the greatest strength of Oh Se-geun, who is not afraid of change throughout his playing days and through tremendous efforts. It is a fact that it continues to evolve. Although his less than one per game, Oh Se-geun’s 3-pointer success rate in the regular season was a whopping 40%.

In addition, even if they do not fight as much as in the prime of life, the defense is also doing well, such as blocking the path to make it difficult for match-up opponents to catch the ball or entering help defense at amazing timing. It is evaluated that the water has risen in passing play such as 2-2 games. BQ, which was originally good, is getting better as experience accumulates.

Oh Se-geun’s play is not as flashy and conspicuous as SK’s Kim Seon-hyung. However, as always, he deserves a high score in that he consistently maintains his team’s strength through his integrity in the offense and defense. Let’s look forward to seeing if Captain Ginseng, who is instilling a sense of stability into the team as a silent pillar, will be able to put KGC on top again.

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