From Short Track Rookie to Golf Expectant, Jeon Hyo-min’s first win

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Jeon Hyo-min overturned the lead by 7 strokes and won her first professional championship. In the final round of the ‘KLPGA 2023 Muan CC-All For You Dream Tour 1st Round (total prize money of 70 million won)’ held at the west course of Muan Country Club (par 72) located in Muan, Jeollanam-do on the 6th (Wednesday), Jeon Hyo-min scored a final total of 4 under par. He came out on top with 140 strokes (72-68).

The final round of the tournament started in heavy rain. Jeon Hyo-min (24, National Beef) entered the final round with a 7 stroke lead from the lead before the match, so he did not think he would be able to win even after submitting the scorecard after the match. However, due to heavy rain and strong wind, most of the top players were unable to keep the number of at bats and wrote down over par scores. After finishing the game first, Jeon Hyo-min, who was waiting for the game to end in the clubhouse, heard the news of the victory.

Jeon Hyo-min made her debut as a rookie on the regular tour last year and received a lot of attention as she tied for the lead in the 1st and 2nd rounds of the KLPGA Tour’Nexen Saint Nine Masters 2022′ in April and finished second by one stroke after the 3rd round. At the time, Jeon Hyo-min was an unknown player to the extent that the story “Who is Jeon Hyo-min?” came out here and there.

Jeon Hyo-min was a short track star in elementary school.

In the first grade of Sinmae Elementary School in Daegu, after 3 months of skating, he won two gold medals with a new record in the first grade in the ice short track speed skating competition at the Dream Sports Competition. He swept various competitions, including winning the overall championship for the sophomore division.

Then Hyomin Jeon switched to golf when she was in the 5th grade of elementary school. He fell in love with golf, which he encountered after following his father, rather than skating, which involved rough physical struggles.

However, his performance in his golf was not very good. Jeon Hyomin had no experience of standing in the national team or national team as a junior, and even after his professional debut in 2018, his main stage of activity was the Dream Tour.

In the final round of ‘Nexen Saint Nine Masters 2022’, Jeon Hyo-min seemed to be very burdened by the game in front of many galleries, unlike the previous round, she could not reduce the number of strokes and stayed tied for 14th in the final rankings.

Jeon Hyo-min said, “Actually, it was a time when the ball was not hitting, so I was very satisfied with hitting it like that.” But I wanted to praise myself for enduring well,” he recalled at the time.

Jeon Hyo-min continued, “My driver shots were not good throughout last year. There were no major problems in practice, but it seems that I couldn’t overcome the pressure in the tournament,” he said.

Jeon Hyo-min, who was born in 1999 and made her regular tour debut late compared to her friends Choi Hye-jin, Lee Ga-young, Choi Ye-rim, and Hwang Jung-mi, were born in the same age. I didn’t go up faster than my friends on the regular tour, but I went up a little late and difficult, but it was so empty that it ended after struggling all year.” .

After the end of last season, Jeon Hyo-min was agonizing over whether to continue his career as a player. Hyomin Jeon, a native of Daegu, even moved to Yongin for a tour, but when he lost seed and couldn’t get a new sponsorship deal, he even thought of going back to his hometown to take lessons.

Jeon Hyo-min said, “I had a relationship with my current sponsor who noticed me at last year’s ‘Nexen-Saint Nine Masters’ after the tournament, but when I couldn’t sign a contract, they reached out and decided to work hard again. Thank you very much.”

Through the difficult winter training, Jeon Hyo-min intensively practiced the driver, which was a problem.

The winter training was conducted in Thailand with coach Lee Kyung-hoon, who is known as the teacher of Choi Hye-jin and Lee Ga-young.

Jeon Hyo-min cited winter training as the driving force behind this victory, saying, “I tried to catch an unstable tee shot and worked hard in the short game.”

Jeon Hyo-min, who received so many congratulations after winning, said, “This is my first win since I started playing golf. Maybe that’s why I didn’t realize it even after a few days. A lot of my friends and older sisters contacted me, but even then I couldn’t believe it, but when shoe and club companies contacted me saying they would support me, I realized that ‘Oh, I won the championship’.”

Jeon Hyo-min, who had the green light to return to the regular tour next year with this victory, said, “I have never enjoyed or enjoyed a tournament while playing golf, and this time I was in a situation where I could quit altogether. So this year, I’m trying to enjoy my career as a player.”카지노사이트 “Even if I win, I might not be able to go to the regular tour, but I don’t think about this or that. ”he said.

Jeon Hyo-min, who calls herself ‘naughty’, always treats everyone with a smile even in normal times. She hopes that her tour life will be full of joy and laughter.

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