Forgotten ‘comic hero’ 1st nomination left-hander, second life challenge in Busan “I saw the possibility”

March 17, 2023 0 Comments

Lotte Giants recruited a new left-handed pitcher. This is Kim Tae-wook (25) from the Hanwha Eagles.

Paju Challengers, an independent baseball team, announced on the 16th, “It has been decided that Kim Tae-wook will join the Lotte Giants. We ask for your support.”

Kim Tae-wook is the 16th professional player produced by Paju Challengers. Founded in 2017, Paju Challengers previously recruited Hyun Do-hoon (Lotte), Yoon San-heum, Song Yun-jun (Hanwha), Han Seon-tae (former LG), Kim Dong-jin (Samsung), etc. into the pros. This year, he is the second player after Park Chan-hee (NC Dinos).

Kim Tae-wook’s life is a baseball cartoon itself. He was a right-handed pitcher until his lower grades in elementary school, but switched to a left-handed pitcher after injuring his arm. His real name was also ‘Kim Byung-hyun’ like the legend.

During his high school days, he threw a fastball of around 140 km from his height of 1m87 and attracted attention as a promising player. After graduating from Bukil High School, he wore a Hanwha uniform with the first nomination in 2017.

After turning pro, he was plagued by injuries. After serving in the military, he even changed his name to Kim Tae-wook and made repeated efforts, but was released at the end of 2021 without a first-team appearance. He rejoined Hanwha in early 2022 with a fastball in the late 140 km range, but after last season, he again tasted the pain of the second release.

Later, while playing for Paju Challengers, he was called by Lotte.토토사이트 An official from Lotte explained, “He came out as a starting pitcher in a practice game with us, and he was good at pitching. He had potential for development, so we recruited him to try to develop it.”

Born in 1998, he is a young 25-year-old left-handed pitcher, so he has plenty of potential. As for Kim Tae-wook, he was able to overcome his failure at Hanwha and dream a new dream in Busan.

Baseball cartoons take on the aspect of traditional royal road cartoons. It is bound to capture the image of the main character who overcomes repeated trials and stands tall at the top. Turning the narrative upside down, it is a disaster itself for his rivals who are equipped with skills, luck, and girlfriends.

Can Kim Tae-wook be the main character? What is clear is that those who do not take on the challenge cannot even get a chance to participate in the story. Kim Tae-wook seized the opportunity to stand on the starting line once again.

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