Falling like a truck with broken steering wheel and brakes… Where should Lotte find new power?

June 17, 2023 0 Comments

The steering wheel and brakes are falling like a broken truck. Currently, the Lotte Giants are heading for a high place and only falling down. We have to think about what kind of new power will be in Lotte now, and whether that power will actually prevent the fall and bring the team back up.

Lotte suffered a 1-12 defeat against SSG on the 16th, and could not get out of a three-game losing streak. With the most points conceded this season, it was defeated by the most points.

With 4 wins and 10 losses in June, it is the lowest monthly win rate. Recently, the losing streak has been getting longer, such as 4 consecutive losses, 2 losses in a row, and 3 losses in a row. This is a typical pattern of struggling teams. The starters are allowed to run early and are knocked out early. Charlie Barnes, Dan Strayley, Na Kyun-an, and Han Hyun-hee, who started this week, all failed to complete 5 innings. The pattern of allowing the first run and chasing is repeated. In a losing situation, there is a danger that the catcher pitchers can allow runs at any time as they take the mound. In the end, the vicious cycle of being exhausted and collapsing while chasing is repeating itself. 

Thinking positively again, the good momentum of April and May cannot be reliably continued. I thought that one day there would come a time when momentum would break and the pace would drop, but that period is getting longer and the speed of the fall is accelerating. After a gentle break, and then rebounding again, if only about 50% of the remaining games are played, it can be time to throw the number of wins again later, but the current situation is close to the worst.

A situation where you can’t even figure out where to find power. First of all, there is a high possibility that Kim Sang-soo and Kim Jin-wook will return to the first team on the 17th in a situation where the bullpen has been overloaded one after another. As they all played the role of Pilseungjo right before their return, we expect them to become a source of strength again. Coincidentally, since the 7th when Kim Sang-soo and Kim Jin-wook were canceled, Lotte played 4 overtimes and lost all of them. Both the team and the bullpen suffered only wounds and fatigue. As a result, their plan to hold on and overcome with young pitchers during their readjustment period was completely off the charts. 

The combination and connection of other lines is not very good. The overall striking face is off. Even in April and May, it was not a superior blow, but Pil Seung-jo’s strength and phenomenal concentration in scoring situations somehow brought victory, but the current Lotte does not stand out with such concentration. The batting average in scoring position in June reached 2nd place in the league with 3.59 li (42 hits in 143 at-bats), but the failure to lead to victory means that harmony is not achieved after all. 

It is also worrying that the number of injured is increasing. Noh Jin-hyeok is expected to be excluded from the first team for up to two weeks due to a side injury. Furthermore, Jung Hoon, who had been active as a specialist since his return in June, also showed symptoms of discomfort in his side in the game against Hanwha Sajik on the 15th, but the symptoms occurred again in the game against SSG Incheon on the 16th. In the end, Jung-hoon voluntarily dropped out of the game, and the possibility of being excluded from the first team cannot be ruled out. 

The issue of foreign players also needs to be deeply considered. Strayley and Barnes are unable to show their power, and Rex is still at risk of a knee injury. Strayley and Barnes are healthy but insecure, but Rex doesn’t even make the premise that he’s healthy. Perhaps it is not unreasonable that the issue related to the current Lotte foreign players should be given priority to Rex rather than two pitchers. 토토사이트

The current direction is also questionable. Giving a chance to a rookie-level player at a time when he needs to find stability with first-team players is also a questionable choice. A question mark also arises as to when catcher prospect Son Seong-bin, who was discharged from Sangmu instead of catcher Jung Bo-geun, was registered in the first team. 

We are going through a period of chaos as many wrong choices are made over and over again. Where should Lotte now find power and how should it overcome this period? The more you think about it, the more it remains as an unsolved homework.

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