Dong-Hoon Han “We will disclose details of travel expenses to the U.S.… “The Moon government is also there.”

September 2, 2023 0 Comments

Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon announced that he would disclose the details of his business trip expenses to the United States last year. However, he said he would also disclose the travel expenses of the Moon Jae-in administration’s Justice Minister.

Minister Han said this while answering a question from Kim Eui-gyeom, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, at the plenary session of the Legislation and Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly on the afternoon of the 1st. Previously, Rep. Kim claimed that the purpose of the investigation was to target Democratic Party figures, including Representative Lee Jae-myung, regarding Minister Han’s visit to the U.S. District Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York in July of last year.

Rep. Kim responded to Minister Han’s refusal to disclose details of business trip expenses on the grounds that ‘there is a risk of significantly harming the country’s important interests’, saying, “It includes food and transportation expenses, but if you look at the report, it was once with Ambassador Cho Tae-yong to the United States and twice with Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Bae Jong-in.” Wow, it’s like this. “Is this related to national security?” he pointed out.

In response, Minister Han said, “I told you that I would consider whether to disclose it,” and “Basically, one of the reasons why I raised this issue and kept asking questions is because the FBI (US Federal Bureau of Investigation) and I are trying to claim that we went to investigate Lee Jae-myung and Park Won- soon . “That’s it,” he responded.

Rep. Kim then pointed out, “Aren’t we being avoided because we can’t talk about the price of food?” and Minister Han said, “What can’t you do?” “When I go on business trips, I reduce the number of attendants compared to the previous government’s ministers and set the amount to 60%,” he refuted. When Rep. Kim said, “Again, the last government (are you talking about it)?” Minister Han asked, “Then, if it’s not the last government, do you compare it to the Syngman Rhee government?”

In response to continued requests for disclosure of business trip expenses, Minister Han said, “Then, you should disclose those (transportation and lodging expenses) immediately, but instead, please share the disclosure request that was made by the Ministry of Justice under the previous administration.” He added, “If you disclose them and compare them, you will be able to quickly find out who spent the money properly.” “It is,” he said. When Rep. Kim objected, saying, “Aren’t you tired of talking about the last administration?” Minister Han responded, “No. “I’m not tired of it,” he said.

Rep. Kim said, “Then, please disclose both the minister’s information and the previous government’s information. “You made a promise in front of the people now,” he said. Minister Han said, “I will do so안전놀이터. “I will not appeal,” he said. “I was worried (whether to make it public or not) because of past precedents.” (The only information to be disclosed) is transportation costs. As a result, the only difference is whether the number of attendants was reduced or the airline tickets were downgraded. He emphasized, “I think it was a much more substantial business trip than the previous government’s ministerial level, and I think we saved money.”

Regarding the failure of the originally scheduled meeting with the U.S. minister, Rep. Kim said, “Isn’t it suddenly canceled due to prostate (treatment)?” “Isn’t it too unclear?” he questioned. In response, Minister Han said, “I didn’t even do the prostate surgery. Why is that so unclear? He also announced that he had received treatment. “And what if we talk about the American minister’s prostate here?” he asked.

Minister Han went on a business trip to the United States for nine days from June 29 to July 7 last year to discuss ways to build cooperation and cooperation between South Korean and U.S. law enforcement agencies. The 7-night, 9-day business trip that a minister went on with three working-level officials cost about 48 million won. A civic group filed an administrative lawsuit, saying, “Disclose the details, name, and location of Minister Han’s expenditures by date of business trip,” and recently won in the first trial.

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