Detained by Chinese public security… Son Jun-ho, a former Korean soccer player

May 17, 2023 0 Comments

Son Jun-ho (31, Shandong Taishan), who also played in the 2022 Qatar World Cup as a national football team member, has been detained and investigated by Chinese public security authorities since the 12th. The reason for Sohn’s detention is alleged bribery, according to Chinese authorities. Sohn’s side and his family are complaining that they cannot understand the charges and that they have not been informed of the specific reason for the arrest. Son, who played for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, entered the Chinese professional league and is active.

According to foreign media such as the BBC on the 17th, when asked about the progress of Son Jun-ho’s investigation at a regular briefing on the 16th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, “Recently, a Korean national was detained by the Liaoning Public Security Bureau on charges of ‘bribing non-state actors.’ done,” he said.

The main foreign press quoted diplomatic authorities in China and Korea and said,카지노사이트 “The consulate has requested a meeting with Son Jun-ho as soon as possible and is also in contact with his family.” Sohn’s agent said that he could not accept it. Agent Park Dae-yeon, CEO of NEST Sports, said in an interview with ‘The Dong-A Ilbo’, “I am accused of making a request to coach Hao.”

The Korea Football Association also set out to find out the truth. The Football Association is currently in contact with the Chinese side through various channels, including sending official letters to the Chinese Football Association and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) regarding Son. Earlier, on the 12th, Son was arrested by Chinese public security while trying to leave the country with his family at Shanghai Airport, and is being investigated while being detained by Chinese public security for the sixth day until this day (17th).

Who is Son Jun-ho? ‘2022 Qatar World Cup’ lead to round of 16

Son, who was born in Yeongdeok, Gyeongsangbuk-do, plays a midfielder. He started playing soccer when he was in the first grade of Yeongdeok Ganggu Elementary School. In 2007, when he was in Pohang Jecheol Middle School, he won the MVP award by leading Pohang Jecheol Middle School to the championship in the autumn league match. He also played an active part in the middle school selection team, becoming the top scorer in international competitions, and was also selected as the ‘Best Middle School Player’ by the Korea Football Association in 2008. In high school, he led Pohang Jecheol High School to the Baekrokgi championship in 2010 and won the tournament MVP.

Sohn, who entered the Yeungnam University soccer team in 2011, contributed greatly to Yeungnam University winning the ‘2013 Caffe Bene U-League University Championship Championship’ during his junior year of college. Son won the best player award for his performance at the time. Afterwards, he joined the K-League Pohang Steelers in 2014 and moved to Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2018 to continue his activities in the professional league. That year, he was selected as the national soccer team for the Incheon Asian Games and even won a gold medal.

He left Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2021 and moved to Shandong Taishan FC in the Chinese Super League and is active as a midfielder. Last year, he helped win the Chinese Football Association Cup and signed a new contract for 4 years. He also participated in 20 A-match matches, including participating in the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In the Group H match against Portugal at the Qatar World Cup, Sohn was substituted in the second half of the game when the score was tied 1:1, and helped the Korean national team create a miraculous comeback.

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