Democratic Party says, “Moon government failed to phase out nuclear power plants,” Bang-gyu Bang says, “The phase-out of nuclear power plants is an important cause of KEPCO’s deficit.”

September 13, 2023 0 Comments

On the 13th, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy candidate Bang Gyu said regarding Korea Electric Power Corporation’s accumulated deficit of 47 trillion won, saying, “Oil price fluctuations are a major cause, and nuclear phase-out is an equally important cause,” and “Adjusting electricity rates is the fundamental solution.”

Candidate Bang responded to Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Jeong-ho’s question about the root cause of KEPCO’s deficit at the National Assembly’s confirmation hearing on this day, saying, “If the structure was such that electricity bill costs could be reflected (in time) and sold without loss, there would be no deficit. “One of the biggest reasons why we have no choice but to set low electricity rates is the phase-out of nuclear power plants,” he said.

When Rep. Kim argued that there was no causal relationship between KEPCO’s deficit and nuclear power plant phase-out, saying, “The Moon Jae-in administration failed to phase out nuclear power plants, but rather nuclear power plants increased,” Candidate Bang responded, “Through nuclear phase-out, we eliminated the six nuclear power plants originally planned, and nuclear power plants increased.” “The operation period was extended, so the (nuclear power plant) operation rate was reduced and the number of new nuclear power plants built was also (reduced),” he refuted.

He then decided to reveal his work experience as president of the Export-Import Bank of Korea, saying that related companies, including nuclear power plant facilities, had suffered due to the nuclear phase-out policy.

“Domestic energy prices are cheaper than competing countries…
“We will maintain this and become carbon neutral in the mid to long term.”

Candidate Bang said, “One of the biggest reasons why the entire Doosan Group went through restructuring was because (nuclear power plant-related) sales, which account for one-third of sales, had dried up and the entire group could no longer survive.” “We believe that financial support to help our partner companies survive is the most important, and we are supplementing systems such as special provisions for down payment support,” he emphasized.

When asked by the Democratic Party of Korea Lee Won-young about the meaning of his statement on the 24th of last month that “KEPCO needs restructuring,” Candidate Bang said, “To resolve KEPCO’s large-scale accumulated deficit, rate adjustment is the fundamental solution,” adding, “However, for the past year, the government has changed the electricity rate.” “As the rate has been raised by 40%, I think we should not talk about rate adjustments without (KEPCO’s) drastic restructuring first, so we are now planning to improve finances,” he said.

Candidate Bang presented three criteria for energy mix policy, including safety, economic feasibility, and carbon neutrality, and then emphasized, “Our energy prices are cheaper than those of other competing countries, and we will maintain this as well to achieve the mid- to long-term carbon neutrality goal.” did.

Regarding the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s recommendation to dismiss the president of the Korea Institute of Energy Technology, also known as KEPCO University, and its decision to reduce contributions (KRW 48.3 billion) and next year’s budget (KRW 8.3 billion), Candidate Bang said, “Aren’t you trying to close the school?” when Democratic Party members questioned, ” “I understand that the financial authorities have made some adjustments in consideration of financial conditions,” he countered, adding, “This amount is within the scope of our promise to continue providing investment support by more than 20 billion won more than the contribution invested by local governments.”

Kim Yong-min: “Submit the details of your child’s tuition of 70 million won.”
Candidate Bang: “I will discuss and submit it.”
Kim Yong-min: “Even if you become minister, just consult.”

Candidate Bang asked Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Yong-min to apologize to the public, saying, “It was illegal for my son to study abroad in the UK alone under the Elementary and Middle School Education Act under the Elementary and Middle School Education Act, without being accompanied by his parents.” He responded, “Unless the school system designates a guardian in the UK, ( When I tried to answer, “I can’t study abroad,” he cut me off and asked, “Are you from England?” When asked again, “Is it true that it violated Korean law?” he admitted, “There were some shortcomings because I did not know the detailed regulations at the time.” When Rep. Kim requested that Candidate Bang submit details of his children’s tuition of about 70 million won per year, he said, “I will discuss it and submit it.” Then Rep. Kim criticized him, saying, “Even if you become minister, you should only discuss it.”

Candidate Bang responded to opposition party members raising suspicions about donating deposit money (120 million won) to the eldest daughter for non-disclosure of property details (private information reasons) and pressuring him to file a complaint and requesting the eldest daughter to appear as a witness, saying, “(My daughter) has been employed for two years.” “I got a lease in 2018메이저사이트, but not long after I moved, I received an auction notice,” he said. “I was involved in the so-called lease fraud, and several auctions were held over the past 4 years, and more than 15 people had mortgages, and I was so mentally devastated for the past 4 years. “There was,” he explained.

Candidate Bang said, “My eldest daughter has been working since April 2017, has been paying taxes, and has worked without interruption,” adding, “Because she received and reported a salary of more than 40 million won per year, she had a certain income, and among the information reported on assets before that, He also explained, “The eldest daughter’s income is listed in total.”

Previously, Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Han-jeong, secretary of the opposition party, said, “I borrowed 50 million won out of the 120 million won in relation to my children’s officetel lease. “They say the remaining 65 million won was obtained from their own earned income, but now there are suspicions that this was a gift,” he asked. Rep. Lee Dong-ju of the same party also warned, “In accordance with Article 128 of the National Assembly Act, the law on the appraisal of testimony in the National Assembly, if you intentionally reject it on the grounds that it is personal information, we must actively review it at the standing committee level and even consider filing a complaint.”

In response to this, People Power Party lawmaker Lee Cheol-gyu said, “Just as it is not possible to open data at will while investigating a crime, it is excessive to ask that all personal information of children who are currently maintaining independent households be released.” He defended candidate Bang, saying, “If confirmation is absolutely necessary, you can ask for an answer from a witness who took an oath during the hearing, and if you give a false answer, you can be held responsible for perjury.”

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