Dele Alli reveals addiction to sleeping pills ‘one wave’…”Rampant in British football” Former psychotherapist at Oxford UTD

July 15, 2023 0 Comments

Dele Alli (27, Everton), a former colleague of Son Heung-min안전놀이터, revealed that he was sexually abused at the age of 6, and recently went to rehab for 6 weeks due to addiction to sleeping pills and mental health problems.

Then, in English football, sleeping pill addiction is “more prevalent than people realize,” said former Oxford United psychotherapist Gary Bloom. BBC Sport reported on the 14th.

Bloom was the first psychotherapist to work for an English football club. Former Liverpool goalkeeper Chris Kirkland agreed with Bloom, saying that “addiction is a big problem in football”.

In a recent interview with The Overlap, a YouTube channel run by former English soccer star Gary Neville, Dele Ali spoke about the abuse he suffered as a child before being adopted at the age of 12. And he said of his addiction to sleeping pills, “there is more going around in football than people realize.”

He said, “I was taking a lot. I don’t want to count the numbers, but there were definitely too many. There were also scary moments,” he confessed.

Bloom, who left the team last year after five years at Oxford United, explained to BBC World Service the connection between maximizing your performance on the pitch and struggling to sleep.

In addition to his addiction to sleeping pills, he said, “caffeine stimulants are widely used for competitions” and “more psychological support and the hiring of psychotherapists are needed within the club.”

Bloom also said, “I hope Delhi’s coming out will help others make a big difference.”

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