Dalseong Park, a 50-year-old elephant loved by Daegu citizens, goes to heaven

August 7, 2023 0 Comments

 Daegu City Management Headquarters announced 메이저사이트on the 6th that ‘Bokdongi’, a male Asian elephant raised in Dalseong Park, died on the 4th.

Bokdong, 50 years old, has been loved by Daegu citizens ever since he set up a nest in Dalseong Park with a donation from a company in 1975.

Although he has been in good health, weighing 5 tons, Bokdong started showing symptoms of paronychia and deteriorating physical strength from old age in June.

For Bokdong’s treatment, the Park Management Office cooperated with the Seoul National University Park Elephant Team to install a foot care facility and received help from experts, including a professor of wildlife at the Kyungpook National University Animal Hospital.

The Park Management Office installed a ventilation fan and provided special food such as bananas and watermelons, but Bokdong collapsed during treatment on the 4th.

Zookeepers mobilized a crane to try to stand up, but Bokdong eventually died.

The city explained that the average lifespan of captive elephants is about 40 years.

Lee Sang-gyu, head of Daegu City’s Urban Management Headquarters, said, “As a result of the autopsy, it seems that he died due to excessive accumulation of fat inside the heart due to old age, blocking blood circulation.”

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