‘Consultation with God’ KCC, how to make a revival next season… What is the ‘anti-teacher’ task to be solved?

April 11, 2023 0 Comments

Professional basketball Jeonju KCC ended the season with regret behind it. Ahead of the 2022-2023 season, the biggest free agent (FA) word Heo Woong Lee Seung-hyun was reinforced at the same time, so the regret of being eliminated from the playoffs in the round of 6 was greater.

Now, the teams that were eliminated from the PO are facing a time to reorganize and prepare again, dreaming of a rebound in the next season, with an accelerated break and ‘consultation with newcomers’. As much as the regret was great, there were also a lot of tasks to be solved for the next one. Looking back on this season at KCC, these are the parts that should be taken as ‘teacher on the other side’.

Strictly speaking, the fact that KCC only advanced to the semifinals this season is not an absurd result. At Media Day before the start of the season, KCC was not even mentioned in the candidates for the championship predicted by managers of 10 clubs. There is a reason why experts who know ‘Pan’ well made such a prediction. Like football, basketball is not a sport played by one or two players. Especially if it’s a long race.

Finding a replacement for Laguna is also an important task. KCC has been through mercenary bad luck for two consecutive seasons. He was stabbed in the back by Tyler Davis several times, and Ronde Holly Jefferson, an expected NBA player, was kicked out after ruining the atmosphere of the team with his worst personality. It is said that ‘there is no business before time’, and Laguna is no longer the ‘old Laguna’. Even considering that he spent a lot of playing time due to poor backup resources this season, his decline became more pronounced. KCC, which has to carry Laguna until next season, needs to work hard again on ‘mercenary farming’, which allows Laguna to sit as a ‘2 option’ like Davis did when winning the regular league two years ago.

The last puzzle on KCC’s task list is the leading guard. KCC struggled throughout the season without being able to save the ‘two-man game’ using the fast transition, Laguna, which was the main weapon in the past. This is because there was no authentic point guard to properly command on the court.카지노사이트 After Yoo Hyun-jun (Senior Director) left, the ‘guard concern’ intensified. Rookie Song Dong-hoon showed potential, but there are still many things to be desired in terms of experience and height.

As KCC always bears the burden of the salary cap, it is not easy to recruit a smart guard. Whether it is internally raised or traded, it is another task to face the next season after securing a clear leading guard.

After solving these tasks, if Song Gyo-chang, trained in the army, returns from the military in mid-November, we can expect a revival of KCC.

KCC reinforced the previous level of strength in Heo Woong and Lee Seung-hyun, but the surrounding conditions could not support it. The most painful thing is injury management. KCC’s best members, including Heo Woong Lee Seung-hyun as well as Kim Ji-wan and Jeong Chang-yeong, were repeatedly caught in the trap of injury. Even if injuries caused by collisions during games are unavoidable, it is necessary to examine whether the league was played with an increased risk of injury due to the lack of body care of the players. In fact, Heo Woong and Lee Seung-hyun could not normally participate in physical training during the offseason. At the time, Heo Ung was infected with Corona 19 in the process of returning from being selected to the national team, and Lee Seung-hyun was recovering after ankle surgery.

Strength training isn’t just about building endurance or power. It is a process of strengthening the surrounding muscles such as ankles and knees, which are prone to injuries, so that they can play the season stably. However, not only Heo Woong and Lee Seung-hyun, but also regular participants in the Taebaek physical training last summer were less than half of the total number of players. In the end, entering the season in a state of being less prepared and struggling with a relay injury was, in a way, a predicted bad news. Conversely, you can expect to return to regular training this year after a long vacation.

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