‘Complete victory after complete defeat’ Hanyang University catches Chosun University and escapes from losing streak

March 31, 2023 0 Comments

Hanyang University washed away the pain of a crushing defeat in the previous game through a complete victory.

Hanyang University won 83-59 in the regular league home game against Chosun University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Hanyang University Olympic Gymnasium on the 31st. With the victory, Hanyang University escaped from the shock of the previous defeat at Korea University (52-93).

At Hanyang University, Park Min-jae (9 points, 4 rebounds, 3 blocks) and Park Seong-jae (10 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists) led the attack. Shin Ji-won (11 points, 7 rebounds) under the goal line and Kim Joo-hyung and Jo Min-geun’s outside support were also excellent.

At the beginning of the game, the height of Hanyang University overwhelmed the opponent. Park Min-jae blocked Chosun University’s breakthrough several times with blocks, which led to Hanyang University’s long-term speed attack (16-11). In addition, he effectively blocked Yoo Chang-seok’s two-on-two attack, further widening the score gap (19-13). Park Min-jae led the team by scoring 7 points with a 100% field goal success rate in the first quarter.

As time passed, Hanyang University widened the gap in metallurgy and metallurgy. Hanyang University effectively blocked Chosun University’s attack through regional defense. In the center, Park Min-jae boasted a wide range of defense, and cut off Chosun University’s pass several times to widen the gap (33-17). When Park Seong-jae caught the ball in the second quarter, he was already putting up a layup under the goal of Chosun University.

Chosun University tried to catch up with a 3-point shot, but it was difficult to score and easily conceded. There was no change in the flow in the second half. Both teams exhausted their stamina with a lot of quick attacks and active defense in the first half, and the field goal success rate declined overall and suffered from a scoring drought.

Even in the low-scoring aspect, Hanyang University had the upper hand. Chosun University only scored 9 points in the third quarter, and in the meantime, Shin Ji-won attacked Chosun University’s low goal and added weight to the team’s lead (62-39). In the fourth quarter, when the pendulum of the match was hit to some extent, the score gap quickly reached 30 points (71-41).

Hanyang University sealed the win with Pyo Seung-bin’s goal and Kim Joo-hyung’s 3-point shot. After that, he broke through the all-court press of Chosun University and completed a great victory.

On the other hand,카지노사이트 Chosun University’s Kim Hwan and Koo Bon-joon jointly scored 20 points, but failed to overcome the Yatoo hunting and inferiority in air supply, and had to postpone the first victory report of the season to the next time.

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