‘Complete defeat in Game 1’ Butler, “We need to attack the bottom of the opponent’s goal more”

June 4, 2023 0 Comments

Butler, who lost the match, expressed his determination.

The Miami Heat lost 93-104 to the Denver Nuggets in Game 1 of the 2022-2023 NBA FINAL held at the Ball Arena in the United States on the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time), giving off the atmosphere at the beginning of the series.

The final score difference was 11 points, but Miami only chased from the middle of the first quarter to the end of the game and ended.

Miami’s start wasn’t bad. This is because Jimmy Butler (201cm, F) scored 4 points in a row and Bam Adebayo (206cm, FC) even scored. So, at 2 minutes and 49 seconds into the game, they led 7-6. However, this was the last time Miami had the upper hand in a game. From then on, Miami gave the flow to the opponent.

In the first quarter, he could not control Aaron Gordon (203cm, F), and in the second quarter, he gave too many points to Jamal Murray (193cm, G) and Michael Porter Jr. (206cm, F). Adebayo struggled with 16 points, but outside support was lacking and Butler was also rather quiet.

There was also a point where Miami caught the flow. It was the beginning of the 3rd quarter and the beginning of the 4th quarter. Adebayo has been consistently active and Gabe Vincent (188cm, G) and Kyle Lowry (185cm, G) have been strong. But there was still a lack of support from other shooters and it was disappointing that Butler was still tied for six points in the second half.

Butler is averaging 27.6 points in this playoff run. However, in the first game against Denver, he only scored 13 points, which was the lowest score in this playoff.

Butler, who lost the game, opened his mouth. Butler said, “I was sluggish today. I should have shot more. The next match will be different.”

Miami got two free throws in the game that day. This led to the disgrace of being the lowest free throw score ever in NBA playoffs.

“We only got two free throws,” Butler said. In order to win, the entire team must attack the opponent’s goal more.”

Although we gave up the first game,토토사이트 there is still a lot left in the final series. Ace Butler’s performance is essential for Miami to avenge the loss in Game 1. Can Butler, who has been determined, show a different appearance in the second game?

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