Cho Song-hwa of ‘Team Unauthorized Leaving’, loses in the first trial for invalidation of the contract

December 14, 2022 0 Comments

Cho Song-hwa (29), the captain of the women’s professional volleyball IBK Industrial Bank Altos volleyball team and the main setter, filed a lawsuit against the club after being notified of the termination of the contract for unauthorized departure, but lost in the first trial.

On the 14th, the 14th Civil Settlement Division (Presiding Judge Seo Bo-min) of the Seoul Central District Court ruled against the plaintiff in the lawsuit filed against IBK Industrial Bank and the Altos volleyball team by Cho Song-hwa for “claim for invalidation of contract termination, etc.”

Cho Song-hwa left the team twice in November last year, causing controversy. In response, IBK Industrial Bank notified on December 13 last year that he would terminate his player contract.

In response, Cho Song-hwa filed a lawsuit to confirm that the contract termination was invalid while applying for a provisional disposition to temporarily suspend the effect of the contract termination disposition, saying that it was dissatisfied with the club’s disposition.

However, the 50th Division of Civil Agreement (Senior Judge Song Gyeong-geun) of the same court dismissed the application for provisional injunction in January of this year, and judged that Song-hwa Cho’s breach of contract was recognized.

Lawyer Jo In-seon of the YK Law Firm, who was the legal representative of Cho Song-hwa at the time, said, “On the 18th, a club official announced the official 메이저사이트 position that ‘(Jo Song-hwa) was not leaving without permission, but that the player was sick.’ The current unauthorized departure is something the club did not initially acknowledge.”

He said, “I have never left the team (without permission). He also participated in and stood by for the 16th game. He even greeted the manager and moved in a vehicle provided by the club.” He insisted that he only went to the hospital with the club trainer because he was not feeling well, and that he did not leave the team without permission.

However, the club said, “The content that Song-hwa Cho argued in relation to the reason for disciplinary action at the reward and punishment committee is in the position that there is a big difference from the facts as understood by the club, and it was judged that Song-hwa Cho’s actions amounted to a serious violation of the player contract. We will proceed with the separation process according to the terms of the contract, laws, and federation regulations,” and announced the decision to terminate the player contract.

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