Chinese media praises its own AG, but are the people actually indifferent?

September 18, 2023 0 Comments

The opening of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games is just 5 days away. Chinese media outlets are pouring out hopeful reviews, such as “There is plenty to see and do,” and “The preparation for the competition was highly praised.”

However, the local atmosphere was also reported as “the interest of the Chinese people is not as strong as before.” Why are the Chinese people, who have been passionately cheering for various international sports competitions, being evaluated as particularly indifferent to this competition?

Local media ‘Sohu’ reported on the first day of the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games athletes’ village on the 18th, and reported that participating athletes commented, “This place was really cool.” The media claimed, “The athletes’ village’s smart experience facilities, such as table tennis robots and piano robots, caught the attention of many foreign athletes,” and “many athletes and officials said they had high expectations for the competition.”

The state media ‘Global Times’ also reported on the 17th that “the athletes and Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) officials highly evaluated the preparations for the competition.” It was also added that OCA Acting Secretary General Vinod Kumar Tiwari, who toured the athletes’ village, emphasized, “It shows solidarity and unity. A high-quality athlete’s village will be the foundation for the success of the Asian Games.”

Xinhua News Agency also advertised the athletes’ village as “full of things to see and do.” The media commented on the 14th, “The Hangzhou Asian Games athletes’ village is full of new and exciting things to see and do filled with environmental, smart, and cultural elements, such as unmanned ice cream vehicles and low-carbon account points.”

At the same time, he also delivered an interview with China’s Zhu Yaming, the silver medalist in the triple jump at the Tokyo Olympics. Xinhua News Agency reported, “Zhu Yaming said, ‘The athletes’ village exceeded expectations in terms of construction, lodging, and meals. The environment and services are excellent, so I am even more excited for the upcoming competition.'”

However, there is also news that the Chinese people’s interest is lukewarm카지노사이트. On the 17th, Chinese media ‘Sohu’ reported the local atmosphere, saying, “The Hangzhou Asian Games are about to open, but the Chinese are indifferent.”

Sohu said, “This Asian Games will raise the level of management of Chinese sports events and train more athletes to represent China,” but added, “Nevertheless, the Chinese people do not seem to look forward to the Games as much as in the past. It is strange.” He expressed his opinion.

The media speculated, “This may be because Chinese people pay attention to other issues than sports competitions.” He then pointed out economic problems such as the excessive budget invested to host the competition.

“Sports competitions are an opportunity to make a city known and provide cultural exchange and healthy entertainment to the people, but if investment is excessive, it can cause unnecessary economic risks and have a negative impact on financial health.”

The media calculated, “According to statistics, 224.7 billion yuan (KRW 41.1 trillion) was spent on city infrastructure and stadium construction alone.” This is also interpreted as a much higher amount, even if you combine all the expected profits that can be earned through the competition, such as sponsorship money, copyright fees, and ticket admission fees.  

The media described it as a “phenomenon that reflects changes in the people’s social interests,” adding, “Some people are demanding that stadiums with huge budget investments be opened to citizens free of charge after the games,” adding, “Chinese people are now focusing on improving their physical quality.” He diagnosed, “Indifference actually means that interest in public health is growing.”Originally, the Hangzhou Asian Games were scheduled to be held in 2022, but due to the spread of COVID-19 in China, it was postponed by a year and will be held this year. The competition will open on the 23rd and run until the 8th of next month, and athletes from each country will c

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