‘Carrot Basketball Team’ wants to come to Pohang

April 24, 2023 0 Comments

The domestic professional basketball team ‘Carrot Jumpers’ (hereafter referred to as Jumpers), suffering from financial difficulties, is seeking a plan to move their hometown from Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do to Pohang-si, North Gyeongsang Province, but they are experiencing difficulties because there is no suitable local sponsor.

According to the city of Pohang on the 24th, it is known that earlier this year, representatives of the Jumpers club and other officials visited Pohang City and discussed relocation.

There are no winter sports in Pohang, where professional football and baseball games are currently held, so the move to the jumpers showed a positive response.

However, the selection of the main sponsor to take care of the professional basketball team’s livelihood is not expected to be easy as local companies do not respond favorably.

Even Pohang’s representative company, Posco Group, is already running various sports teams, including the Steelers soccer team, so it is in the position that it can no longer afford it. In addition, new growth companies such as rechargeable batteries are expressing their disapproval because they do not yet have the financial capacity and experience to run a professional sports team.

An official from Pohang City said, “If the jumpers come, Pohang City is willing to help Pohang City can help, such as support for the facility cost and land for the exclusive stadium,” but “If a sponsor to lead the club responsibly does not come forward, if it moves again within a few years, it will waste the budget. and administrative reliability will not arise. As of now, it is difficult to even make a rough plan.”

On the other hand, Jumpers is a team created after the end of the 2021-2022 season by Day One Sports, an operating corporation that acquired the Goyang Orion professional basketball team.

He entered the professional basketball world by appointing former national team coach Heo Jae as the club’s representative, but due to the lack of a parent company to speak of, nine other clubs questioned the long-term management plan, and KBL membership was suspended once at the extraordinary general meeting in June last year. showed off the start.

In the end, it seemed to be settled by attracting Carrot Insurance as a naming sponsor, but it suffered from money problems all the time, such as not even meeting the deadline to pay 500 million won for the first subscription fee, which was planned until October of last year.카지노사이트

In addition, the season ended with several financial problems, such as not being able to properly pay the salaries of the players, the acquisition of Orion, and the cost of events, and it is known that they are currently looking for new solutions such as the sale process.

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