“Cancellation of the fake independence man of merit”… Son Hye-won · Kim Won-woong father review?

July 3, 2023 0 Comments

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs has announced that it will revoke the medals of fake independence activists after verifying the achievements of independence activists.

In addition, he said he would review the merits of independence activists who are controversial with pro-North Korea, and this target may include the father of former lawmaker Son Hye-won and the parents of former Liberation Chairman Kim Won-woong, so a wave is expected.

Hyerim Choi.


The full enumeration of independence fighters who have been recognized for their achievements, which began in 2019, has now completed only about 25% of the 16,000 subjects.

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs announced that it would revoke the award if it was confirmed as a fake independence activist by speeding up the full investigation.

[Park Min-sik/Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs/Today/ KBS

Sunday Diagnosis: “As various controversies have been raised, we are still conducting a complete enumeration. Are there any fake independence merits ?” there is

The two were awarded the National Order of Merit in 안전놀이터1990, and claims have been made that the meritorious record is false.

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs also announced that it would look again to see if the independence activists who were controversial for their ‘pro-North Korea activities’ actually contributed to the founding of the Republic of Korea.

It is known that the subject of public review will include the late Son Yong-woo, the father of former lawmaker Son Hye-won.

Mr. Son had a history of working in the Joseon Communist Party after liberation, so his application for the award was rejected 6 times, and in 2018 he was awarded the Order of the Order of National Foundation. [Soundbite] Choi Jeong-sik(Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, Director of Communications Team) : ” I wonder

if many socialist independence movements were for the founding of a liberal Republic of Korea or for the founding of other communist countries (due to controversy)…”

It is pointed out that changes should be approached cautiously.

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