‘Camp End’ Coach Subero “Join new players, keep an eye on the strengthened team”

March 9, 2023 0 Comments

“It would be nice to see how much stronger the team that was rebuilding can become with the addition of new players.”

Hanwha Eagles coach Carlos Subero, who recruited a large number of outside players during the Stove League, conveyed his confidence to the fans that the team has changed.

Hanwha finished the 2023 spring camp on the 8th and returned home through Incheon International Airport on the 9th.

It was a camp with many changes. It was an overseas spring camp that resumed after not being held for the past two years due to Corona 19. It was a place to check new foreign players such as newcomers Birch Smith and Brian O’Grady as well as FA (free agent) recruits such as Chae Eun-seong, Lee Tae-yang and Oh Seon-jin.

Director Subero, who met with reporters after arriving in Korea on the 9th, expressed satisfaction with the contents of the spring camp. Coach Subero said of the 2nd camp, “If the 1st camp in Arizona was a process of raising the pace of the players little by little, the 2nd camp in Okinawa had a lot of preparation training. The weather in Okinawa was perfect for that, and it went well sequentially.” overall reviewed

Coach Subero said, “The purpose of every camp is to finish in the best condition,” and “in that sense, we finished with the players in the best condition and performance. positive,” he said.

The ones that received the most attention during the spring camp were Kim Seo-hyun, a rookie pitcher with a fastball, and Moon Dong-ju, a second-year pitcher. Coach Subero said, “The scout team gave good nominations for these players, so they were selected. The field leaders also nurtured them well.” “It’s because they have a strong mentality and are much more mature than their age. They and other young pitchers and fielders will be able to grow quickly.”토토사이트

Regarding the exhibition game that will start on the 13th, coach Subero said, “If you have watched the process of rebuilding Hanwha over the past few years, you will know that the recruitment of free agents affects the team’s ranking and performance.” I hope you will watch how the team that is rebuilding by joining can become solid.”

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