Buddy, Kim A-rim’s delightful chip… Ceremony ‘Dengsil Dengsil’

April 28, 2023 0 Comments

‘Beautiful golfer’ Park Gyeol (27, Doosan Engineering & Construction We’ve) is cruising toward his second career victory. It is on the rise due to the effect of filling in weaknesses that were focused on during the off-season.

Gyeol Park won the 2nd round of the 2023 Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour season’s first major tournament Chris F&C KLPGA Championship (total prize money of 1.3 billion won) held at Lakewood CC Mountain Road and Forest Course (par 72, 6570 yards) in Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 28th. I wrote down 70 strokes under par.

Having recorded 5 under par the previous day, he beat the 2nd place group by one stroke with an interim total of 7 under par and 137 strokes to become the sole leader.

Park Gyeol is a beautiful golfer representing the KLPGA. However, due to such a title, her skills were rather underestimated. She not only won the gold medal at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, but also reached the top at the SK Networks and Seogyeong Ladies Classic in 2018 on the KLPGA Tour.

However, she did not have a winning streak after that. She even went to a slump and lost her seed in 2021.

Heading into this season, she was extremely proud. She changed her main sponsor and apparel sponsor, and even replaced all of her existing clubs and caddies. Furthermore, she shed a lot of sweat to make up for her weakness during winter training.

She worked especially hard for her short distance that bothered her. Park Gyeol-eun said, “The distance has increased compared to last year or the year before. The farthest distance seems to reach 235m,” she said. On that day, Gyeol Park’s average tee shot distance was 239.4 yards (218.9 m).

Park Gyeol said, “I did a lot of physical training during winter training. Distance was always stressful, but I’m trying not to be stressed, and every time I hit a tee shot, I hit it with all my strength.”

The increase in distance makes iron shots much easier. It was directly related to sexuality. Park Gyeol’s green hit rate last season was only 70th on the tour with 68.24%, but on this day he hit 14 out of 18, recording a 77.78% chance.

This is also the effect of winter training. Park Gyeol said, “Last year, I had a lot of trouble with iron shots. The hit rate on the greens dropped a lot, so I practiced mainly with iron shots.” “he explained.

The effect of special training in winter is evident through repeated competitions. In the first competition of the season, she suffered the pain of missing the cut, but in the second competition, she ranked 42nd and then tied for 14th, and is showing the best results this time, which was held as a major competition.크크크벳

However, he is repeating himself that he will not go ahead. “If the third round was over, I would have been very nervous and nervous, but it’s still the second round, so there’s no such thing. I think I’ll know when it’s over,” he said. and mind control.

Rain is predicted on the 29th, when the third round will be held. Park Gyul-eun”

Following Park Gyeol, Lee Da-yeon (Mediheal), Han Jin-seon (Kakao VX), and Choi Ye-rim (SK Networks) are forming a tie for second place with a 6-under 138 strokes side by side, and they are returning after a good performance in the LPGA tournament. Kim A-rim (Hanwha Q Cells) is tied for fifth place with Son Ye-bin (Nike), Lee So-young (Lotte), and Bang Shin-sil (KB Financial Group).

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