‘Because you’re special!’… Kim Min-jae to stay in Naples under ‘unconventional conditions’

April 22, 2023 0 Comments

There was a report that Kim Min-jae is highly likely to remain in Naples. Napoli is trying to catch Kim Min-jae with ‘special treatment’.

Local media reported that Naples would implement a wage cap system to overcome financial limitations. The upper limit of a player’s annual salary set by Napoli is understood to be around 4 million euros (5.8 billion won).

In this situation, Napoli is demanding a cut in the salaries of players worth more than 4 million euros. In effect, they are giving a warning that if they do not accept the salary cut, they will be sent out. However, the situation is different for Kim Min-jae.

Because he is a ‘special player’. He is the main player leading Napoli’s sensation this season and a star who has been reborn as a top-notch defender in Serie A. In addition, Kim Min-jae is receiving love calls from many clubs. Napoli wants to catch Kim Min-jae, and is expected to present an unconventional condition to make an ‘exception’ from the annual salary cap system.

Italy’s ‘Areanapoli’ said, “Napoli has decided to renew the contract. If players such as Irving Lozano and Piotr Zielinski do not agree to a salary cut, Napoli will sell them in the summer. It can be done. Napoli are asking them for less than 3.5 million euros (5.1 billion won).”

At a time when most Napoli players are forced to cut their salaries, the media explained that two players could rather raise their salaries. One is Kim Min-jae. The other is Hvitsa Kvarachhelia. Kvarazhelia is also the protagonist of the Neapolitan storm.

The media explained,토스카지노 “Napoli is struggling with contract renewal issues and salary cuts, but Kim Min-jae and Kvarachhelia plan to raise their salaries and keep them at Napoli.”

In February, Poland’s ‘sport.pl’ also reported that Zielinski was forced to cut his salary, and reported that “Zielinski may leave Naples this summer as he refuses to take a salary cut.”

He said, “Kim Min-jae is being treated completely differently. Kim Min-jae will of course be in demand in the summer transfer market, and Napoli wants Kim Min-jae to stay.”

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