‘Attack of a killer whale’ during a yachting competition… 2nd place became 4th place

June 24, 2023 0 Comments

Recently, a group of killer whales, the most powerful predators in the sea, are intentionally attacking boats with people on them.

This time, I was aiming for a boat in a yacht race.

Reporter Jo Hyun-seon covered why this is like this.

A killer whale is speeding towards the boat in the sea.

He tapped the rudder and

[Sounds on site]
“Oh my God. We’re going again.”

This time bite the rudder.

[Location sound]
“(Sail) Down the A4.”

Sailors busy with the sudden attack.

At the moment of passing the final section of the yachting안전놀이터 competition that lasted for several months, even the rankings were turned upside down.

[Zelmer Van Vick / JAJO Team Captain]
“I was attacked by several killer whales 20 minutes ago. I lowered the sail and quickly slowed down. It was a dangerous moment. I was in second place, but now I am in fourth place.”

This is not the first time a ‘killer whale attack’ has occurred in this strait.

Fortunately, there was no major damage, but there were quite a few cases where it wasn’t.

A boat on the sea suddenly shakes violently, and water is scooped out of the boat. 

A killer whale approaches the rear of the boat, and disappears with the rudder in its mouth after a while.

[Location sound]
“I lost my rudder.”

About 20 attacks were reported in the past month alone.

Why do killer whales target boats?

After seeing the mother killer whale’s attack, it is speculated that it is imitated or a simple joke.

Some experts are skeptical of the idea of ​​revenge against humans due to various accident experiences.

[Robert Pittman / Marine ecologist at Oregon State University]
“Animals don’t take revenge.”

However, killer whales with high cognitive ability are easy to imitate each other’s behavior, so we warn that countermeasures are needed.

This is Cho Hyun-seon from Channel A News.

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