“Are you watching Tsuyang?” Inhaled 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes… The Man Who Won His 16th U.S. Championship

July 7, 2023 0 Comments

A man who ate 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes at the ‘Hot Dog Eating Contest’ held in the United States set a record by winning his 16th overall안전놀이터. According to CNN on the 4th ( local

time), a ‘hot dog eating contest’ hosted by Nathan, a famous local hot dog company, was held in Coney Island, New York at 2:00 pm on the American Independence Day. The men’s championship this time went to Joey Chestnut, who ate 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. He is a legend of the event, winning 16 times in the last 17 years. The record of 76 hot dogs he set in 2021 has not yet been broken. Jeffrey Esper took second place with 49 and James Webb of Australia took third place with 47. Although Joey Chesnet grew up with a huge appetite, it takes time to recover after eating like this. Previously, in an interview with CNN the day before the competition, Chestnut said, “It takes about 4 days for the body to return to normal after the competition. The 12 hours immediately after the competition feel painful,” he said. “Nevertheless, I am ready to push myself to the limit.” He also stated that

The women’s championship was won by Miki Sudo who ate 39.5. Defending champion Sudo won last year with a record of 40. The women’s world record of 48.5 is also his share. Despite winning, Miki Sudo expressed disappointment, saying, “39 is a low number. I’m sorry.”

Meanwhile, this competition is hosted by Nathan, a famous American hot dog company. Participants must be at least 18 years old and must participate in the preliminary round held in May or June. Participants may drink water or other beverages to prevent food regurgitation.

The prize money for this competition is △10,000 dollars (approximately 13 million won) for winner △5,000 dollars (approximately 6.5 million won) for 2nd place △2500 dollars (approximately 3.25 million won) for 3rd place △1500 dollars (approximately 1.95 million won) for 4th place △5th place is 1000 dollars (about 1.3 million won), etc.

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