Are you watching Boelli? ‘Droxin’ Drogba’s bitter remark “In the Roman era, I was intelligent… ”

April 19, 2023 0 Comments

Didier Drogba, the ‘Droxin’, has spoken bitterly towards Chelsea.

Chelsea lost 0-2 to Real Madrid in the second leg of the quarterfinals against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League held at Stamford Bridge in London, England on the 19th (Korean time). They lost the first and second legs 0-4 on aggregate and were eliminated from the Champions League.

Chelsea are newly run by owner Todd Boelli, but the results are not good. Directors are constantly changing, but they are standing still. Legendary Frank Lampard, who sacked Graham Porter and brought him back as a ‘fireman’, is showing a lethargic appearance. Chelsea are still looking for a new manager.

It seems that this appearance did not look good on Drogba. Drogba spoke bitterly on the 19th (Korean time) through the French media ‘GFFN’. “I can’t accept Chelsea now. It’s not the same team as the old Chelsea. There may be a new owner and vision, but in the past Roman Abramovich era, he was quite intelligent.” He said, “We recruited players such as Cech, Shevchenko, and Maluda to win. Now, we have to rely on young players.”

The same goes for the squad.메이저놀이터 “There is a shortage of charismatic leaders,” Drogba said. It seems that we need players who lead and take responsibility for the game. He needs to have a player who brings a bit of madness to the pitch.”

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