April 6G 0P home run → May 3G 5P home run, NC Pedy wins

May 21, 2023 0 Comments

Eric Peddy (NC), who was active as a full-time major league starter until last year, emerged as the best pitcher in the KBO League this season. As of the 20th, he has 7 wins (1 loss) and is running as the sole leader in this category. He ranks second in earned run average (1.63) and strikeouts (71). 

Peddy performed remarkably during the month of April. He was on the mound six times, winning four and losing one. His earned run average was 0.47. In 24 innings, he struck out 48 while giving up 11 walks. He did not surrender a single home run. 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League April Monthly MVP candidate was proudly named. Unfortunately, he failed to win the KBO Monthly MVP. 

Lotte’s Na Gyun-an received 11 out of 29 (37.9%) votes from reporters and 154,139 (39.3%) out of 392,071 fan votes, with a total score of 38.62. Pedi came in second with a total score of 35.45, with 17 votes from the press (58.6%) and 48,106 votes (12.3%) from the fans. He missed the KBO Monthly MVP, but the NC Pitcher April MVP went to him. 

Pedy, who had been in ‘unhittable mode’ for a month in April, won all three matches in May. However, it is noteworthy that the number of home runs soared this month. 

On the 9th, against KT, he succeeded in hunting for 5 wins with 3 runs in 6 innings. He gave up home runs to Kang Baek-ho (2 runs in the 2nd inning) and Anthony Alford (2 runs in the 3rd inning). On the 14th, against Gocheok Kiwoom, he added a multiplier by allowing 2 runs in 6 innings, but allowed Edison Russell to hit his 4th home run (1 point) of the season. 

In the game against Samsung in Changwon on the 20th, Ja-Wook Koo (2 points in 1st inning) and Tae-Gun Kim (1 point in 4th inning) hit home runs. Although he won his 7th win of the season with 3 runs in 5⅓ innings (5 hits (2 homers), 1 walk and 8 strikeouts), it was regrettable that he gave up 2 homers. 

After the game, Peddie said, “I wasn’t satisfied with the pitching overall today, but I was able to overcome difficulties and pitch thanks to the hitters scoring. Today, I was able to win thanks to the help of my teammates in defense and hitting.” 카지노사이트

Regarding the reason for the rapid increase in home runs this month, “I think (home runs) are a part that can come out at any time during the game. It is my role to contain it. The home run came out recently, but it is part of the game and I will continue to do my best in my role.”

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