Apple reels from China’s ‘iPhone ban’… US considers additional sanctions

September 9, 2023 0 Comments

China recently banned government officials from using iPhones. The United States responded by regulating Chinese companies, which caused Apple’s stock price to fall significantly. The White House also signaled further response to Chinese mobile phone company Huawei.

This is Washington correspondent Kim Pil-gyu.


The Wall Street Journal reported that China has ordered central government officials not to use iPhones for work.

This is a response to the United States, which has sanctioned Chinese information and communications ( IT ) companies.

The Chinese market, which accounts for 18% of Apple’s sales, is the third largest안전놀이터 after the United States and Europe.

Due to concerns that the ‘iPhone ban’ may be expanded, Apple’s stock price plummeted for two days in a row, wiping out 250 trillion won in market capitalization.

Previously, China’s Huawei shocked the United States by releasing a cutting-edge smartphone that was as good as the iPhone despite U.S. sanctions.

[Dan Hutchison/Tech Insights Analyst: Sanctions have slowed down Huawei’s technology development. The problem is that Huawei is fighting the sanctions extremely well.]

Then the White House signaled a new response to Huawei.

The plan is to determine whether export controls to China are working properly.

[Jake Sullivan/National Security Advisor, White House: Our approach is clearly based on principles. There will be a need to update the terms of that principle as we move forward.]

He said he would meet with the Chinese side to discuss the iPhone issue soon.

Additionally, as the U.S. government reportedly plans to impose additional sanctions on two Chinese telecommunications companies, the war between the U.S. and China over mobile phones is expected to intensify.

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