Another disgraceful breakup with the club legend… Will there be a change in Suwon’s ‘Real Blue’?

April 19, 2023 0 Comments

Suwon Samsung once again broke up with the club legend in disgrace.

On the 18th, Suwon announced the resignation of manager Lee Byeong-geun (50). The reason was poor grades. This season, Suwon has been sluggish with 2 draws and 5 losses (7 points) without a win during seven league matches. They are at the bottom of the league. In the end, Suwon also threw a winning number called ‘director hardship’.

It was on April 18 last year that coach Lee Byeong-geun took the Suwon baton. He left the team after just one year. It was also a recurring nightmare. Contrary to expectations of a revival of the famous family, coach Lee Byeong-geun seemed to be a good card for Suwon, which had not been performing well for the past few years. There were many advantages. Above all, he had extensive field experience as a leader. From 2013 to 2018, he went through Suwon head coach and acting manager, and even after moving the team to Daegu FC in 2019, he took the course step by step, including head coach, acting manager and manager. In 2021, he put Daegu in third place in the league. He was a leader who produced results as well as experience.

However, coach Lee Byeong-geun could not save Suwon, his former team, and resigned from the command tower. Last season, it was difficult to remain in the first division after experiencing the promotion playoffs, but it could not make up for power losses such as the sudden transfer of leading striker Oh Hyun-gyu (22, Celtic) and the injury and sluggishness of foreign striker Mulich. Besides, I wasn’t following my luck. Most of this season, they lost by one point or missed victories due to a loss of concentration at the end of the game. As various unfavorable conditions intertwined, they were unable to break free from deep sluggishness, and eventually coach Lee Byeong-geun left the team.

Coach Lee Byung-geun is a legend in Suwon. He was a founding member of Suwon and played for only one team from 1996 to 2006. He even served as captain. That’s why this breakup hurts even more.

In fact, it’s not just director Lee Byung-geun. Many legends of Suwon unfortunately left the team after taking the baton. Prior to coach Lee Byung-geun, another Suwon legend, coach Park Geon-ha (52), was unable to complete the contract period due to poor performance and laid down the baton. He saved Suwon from relegation in 2020 and succeeded in entering Final A (6th round) in 2021, receiving support from fans. However, in the beginning of the following year, he bowed his head in front of sluggishness. Former coach and another Suwon legend, Lee Im-saeng (52), was in a similar situation. Due to poor team performance, he voluntarily resigned in 2020.

Suwon has continued the ‘Real Blue’ policy of appointing legends from the club as managers. In 2010, starting with coach Yoon Seong-hyo (61), Seo Jeong-won (53), Lee Im-saeng, Park Gun-ha, and Lee Byeong-geun took charge of the team in turn.

However, as three coaches have recently left the team in disgrace, there is also a view that the ‘Real Blue’ policy needs a change. It’s about having achievements rather than fame. It is time to make a quick decision as we are at the bottom of the season.

In Suwon, where head coach Lee Byeong-geun left, Choi Seong-yong (48), head coach, will serve as acting manager for the time being. He will lead the team from the ‘Super Match’ FC Seoul match to be held on the 22nd. It is a formidable opponent. Seoul is Suwon’s biggest rival, but unlike Suwon, it is in the top 4th place (13 points) in the league. Also, Suwon will face Pohang Steelers (15 points) in second place in the league on the 25th. It is a situation where we have to end the sluggish draw as soon as possible, but we are facing a confrontation with a strong team in a row. It’s a tough schedule.

However, Suwon said,메이저사이트 “We will focus on putting the team on the right track by putting overcoming the crisis as the top priority.” “The club also feels an infinite sense of responsibility for the manager’s resignation. We will establish a renewal plan that will allow us to escape and seek bone-crushing changes.”

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