All-time ‘Air Conditioning League’ KBL perception change… aces bird nest

May 22, 2023 0 Comments

Professional basketball, which finished the championship match, has finished the ‘air conditioning league’ of all time. Significant players from each team moved to the team, and a change in perception was predicted.

Reporter Seok Min-hyuk asked Choi Jun-yong, who moved to KCC, about his aspirations.

[Report] Choi Jun
-yong, who is 2 meters tall, has quick feet, precise shooting, and a wide field of view.

In the 2021-22 season, he even won the season MVP with an average of 16 points in all appearances.

‘SK Man’ Choi Jun-yong wore a KCC uniform today and revealed his unstoppable aspirations.

Choi Jun-yong / KCC Forward
“I want to become a basketball king rather than a salary king. I always had a dream to go to the United States, but KCC respects my dream…”

Choi Jun-yong and 2020-21 season MVP Song Gyo-chang return from military service at KCC has leaped to become a championship candidate at once.

Choi Jun-yong
“I think my team is the best contender, so I will warn all teams. Be careful.”

Of the 27 pro basketball free agents who successfully signed contracts this season, 14 moved teams.

The beginning of the all-time ‘air conditioning league’ began with the rumor that Yang Hong-seok, a forward of the national team, would go to LG.

KT, which was in danger of losing Yang Hong-seok to LG, first embraced Moon Seong-gon, who won the best defense award for four consecutive years, and MVP Oh Se-geun, who led KGC to win the championship, also moved to SK with Kim Sun-hyung,스포츠토토 who won 52 consecutive wins during Chung-Ang University.

2023-24 professional basketball, in which a large number of ace players from each team moved teams. New teams and new players add to the excitement of the league.

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