AG Departure Manager Lim Do-heon “Han will overcome difficult times”

September 16, 2023 0 Comments

Coach Lim Do-heon of the Hangzhou Asian Games men’s volleyball team expressed expectations that veteran setter Han (Korean Air), who joined the team, will play an important role in this tournament.

Coach Lim met with Newsis at Incheon International Airport before departing for Hangzhou, the host of the Asian Games, on the 16th and said of Han, “I think he has the ability to overcome difficult times because he has experience,” and “He is not at 100% health right now, but he is not 100% healthy.” “He is a player who does his part during matches, so I am looking forward to that,” he said.

Coach Lim believed that the organization could be strengthened by entrusting Han as the starting setter. He pointed out, “(In the previous competitions) there was some shakiness in some important areas of organization,” and “Now that we’ve played some games and one player토토사이트 has come in, I think we’ll be able to figure out those areas.”

The mindset of the players has also changed compared to the last Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Challenge Cup or Asian Championship. Coach Lim said, “The match ahead is an important one, but if the young players were in the process of improving their teamwork, they must produce results now. The players are probably well aware of that, and so am I.”

Coach Lim continued, “In fact, in the previous two competitions, three of our best players, including Han, Choi Min-ho, and Shin Young-seok, did not play. We were also in the process of improving our organizational skills, but the Asian Games are separate from such organizational skills. How we achieve results is important. “He emphasized.

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