Actor Yoon Seok-hwa, battles with a malignant brain tumor… “It gets better, it gets worse, repeat”

August 29, 2023 0 Comments

It was reported that actor Yoon Seok-hwa (67) was fighting a malignant brain tumor.

Yoon Seok-hwa told Yonhap News on the 28th, “I underwent 안전놀이터surgery for a malignant brain tumor in October of last year, and my current condition has been getting better and worse.”

She explained her current condition, saying, “She heard from her doctor that the size of the tumor was shrinking.” .

Yoon Seok-hwa has not been able to stand on stage since her play ‘Hamlet’, which opened in July last year. He said, “Since March of this year, I have been thinking that I will go to the concert hall once a week unconditionally and watch a performance for more than 3 hours,” he said. We are fighting against him,” he said.

Yoon Seok-hwa, who debuted in 1975 with the play ‘Honey Taste’, left works such as ‘Agnes of God’, ‘Hamlet’, and ‘Letter to Daughter’. She has won the Baeksang Arts Awards Female Acting Award four times, the Dong-A Theater Award, and the Lee Hae-Rang Theater Award.

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