A strange ‘consciousness of defeat’ over Suwon… Where did the ‘Spirit of Suwon’ they shouted for go?

April 24, 2023 0 Comments

 Suwon Samsung is unfamiliar with the ‘defeat ritual’. The ‘Spirit of Suwon’ they were shouting about was nowhere to be seen.

Suwon is facing the biggest crisis. With 2 wins and 6 losses in 8 matches, there is no win yet. Along with Gangwon FC (4 draws and 4 losses), it is the only club without a win in the first division. Cheonan City FC (1 draw and 7 losses), which entered the professional stage for the first time this season, is the only one with 6 losses.

Moreover, on the 18th, Suwon made the decision to sack coach Lee Byeong-geun. Acting head coach Seong-yong Choi, who was the head coach, is leading the team, and on the 22nd, they lost 1-3 to FC Seoul in the ‘Super Match’. Choi tried to change tactics and player selection, but the performance did not change significantly.

Acting Choi pointed out the psychological part as one of the reasons for Suwon’s sluggish performance after the loss in Seoul. Acting Choi said, “The players are feeling a lot of pressure from the current results and bad stories. The players also do not seem to be able to escape responsibility. I will think again and find a way how the players can overcome the burden and sense of defeat.”

It is a defeat ritual that is unfamiliar to Suwon. The so-called ‘Real Blue’ leaders have emphasized the ‘Spirit of Suwon’ since they took office. Manager Park Geon-ha, who was appointed as a ‘firefighter’ in September 2020, said at the first team meeting, “Let’s awaken the lost spirit of Suwon.” Former manager Park explained that the ‘Suwon spirit’ means overcoming crises and overturning losing matches, in a word, not knowing defeat. Former coach Lee Byeong-geun also shouted in his inauguration speech, “I will try to make Suwon’s football impossible to lose.”

However, the reality was not as easy as it sounds. Suwon has been in the lower ranks in recent years, except for 6th place in the 2021 season. It can go beyond the promotion playoffs (PO) last season and reach the worst situation. Acting Choi calmly recognized and admitted the situation in Suwon, saying, “It would be nice if there were many good players and good foreign players going to the national team, but the only thing we can operate now is resources.”

The first round robin is also coming to an end.메이저사이트 Suwon will face Pohang Steelers (away), Daegu FC (home), and Incheon United (away) in turn. This is an all-season season where there is not a single team that is particularly good at it. Perhaps a win in the remaining first round robin could be a feasible short-term goal for Suwon. This is the real reality of Suwon.

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