‘A monster?’ in the mountains of Baekdu Mountain… ‘Swimming’ object captured in the middle of the lake

September 11, 2023 0 Comments

According to local media such as Global Network, the Internet version of the state-run media Global Times, on the 11th, a video of an ‘unidentified creature in heaven’, filmed by a tourist at the top of Mt. Baekdu on the 7th, is spreading on social media .

This tourist said, “I took pictures of the central point of heaven and 안전놀이터earth, about 500 meters away from the top of Mt. Baekdu,” and added, “I saw a mysterious creature swimming and moving.”

In the released video, an object that appears to be holding only the upper body appears to be moving forward leisurely through the water.

A long light wave rose where this object passed.

Netizens responded by asking, “Aren’t there real monsters in heaven and earth?”

However, an official from the Changbai Mountain Management Authority said, “We have not confirmed the identity of the object, but cats can swim,” and assumed that the object was a tiger or leopard that lives in this area.

Rumors about strange creatures in Mt. Baekdu go back 61 years.

In 1962, after a story was told that a person saw two strange creatures chasing each other in the water of Mt. Baekdu through a telescope, claims of seeing strange creatures in the heavens and earth followed several times.

However, experts said that the ‘strange creature’ that was seen in the 1980s was a salmonid fish that lives in the wild.) concluded that several objects swimming in the sky photographed in 2009 were amphibians.

Similar stories also exist in the West.

At the end of last month, hundreds of global explorers mobilized cutting-edge equipment to search for ‘Nessie’, the legendary monster that lives in Loch Ness, Scotland, England, but failed to achieve any significant results.

Nevertheless, foreign media reported that some participants expressed confidence in the existence of the unknown creature.

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