A maritime police officer murdered a woman he was dating… Mokpo Police, Arrest Warrant Application Policy

August 15, 2023 0 Comments

Police arrested a man in his 30s who fled after killing안전놀이터 a woman he was dating in the bathroom of a shopping mall in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province.

On the 15th, the Mokpo Police Station urgently arrested Mr. A in his 30s for murdering and fleeing a woman. Mr. A was reported to be an incumbent maritime police officer.

Mr. A is accused of killing his girlfriend, Mr. B, a woman in her 30s, in the bathroom of a restaurant in Sang-dong, Mokpo-si this morning.

It is revealed that Mr. A fled after arguing at a restaurant and when Mr. B went to the bathroom, she followed and killed her. Mr. B was found dead around 6 am that day.

The police, who started the investigation, arrested Mr. A after about 10 hours of the crime. At the police, Mr. A is said to have stated, “There was a frequent quarrel with Mr. B, who was in a relationship, on the day of the incident, and she was momentarily angry and killed her.”

The police said, “We plan to secure additional evidence and apply for an arrest warrant for Mr. A.” Mokpo Police Station Chief Lee Joon-yeong said, “We will arrest vicious and violent criminals who threaten the safety of citizens with an early all-out response.”

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