4 points difference between 5th and 11th place… a thicker K League 1 mid-table

May 2, 2023 0 Comments

At the beginning of the K League 1 this season, the polarization phenomenon is clear. Leading Ulsan Hyundai (25 points) is running at the top, while Suwon Samsung (2 points), who have not won their first win in 10 games, are in the overwhelming last place and are already in a position to worry about relegation.

On the other hand, the competition for ranking among the 10 teams located in the middle is fiercer than ever. In particular, the fight between the thickly formed mid-table teams, from 5th place Jeju United (14 points) to 11th place Gangwon FC (10 points), draws attention.

The widening of the mid-ranking range can be interpreted as a result of the promotion of the promoted teams and the progress of the teams that struggled in the early stages, combined with the sluggishness of the existing strong players.

Daejeon Hana Citizen and Gwangju FC are performing unexpectedly, creating a sensation for promoted teams this season. Daejeon is running in 4th place (17 points), including the first loss of the season to leader Ulsan with an attacking soccer that no opponent can back down. Gwangju’s early momentum has calmed down somewhat, but director Lee Jeong-hyo’s ‘Dak-Gong’ is a hot topic and is ranked 6th. In the past, promoted teams had a strong perception that they were ‘victory vending machines’, but Daejeon and Gwangju continued to take a different step, contributing to the thickening of the middle ranks.

Ahead of this season, Jeju, which was evaluated as certain for Final A, lost face by failing to win a single win in the first five games after the opening. Then, starting with the first win of the season, 1-0, in the 6th round against Gangwon, the team rose to 5th place with a steep rise of 4 wins and 1 loss in the last 5 matches. It is too early to make a hasty decision due to the line injuries of players, but they are on track to some extent.스포츠토토

Gangwon’s reversal is even more surprising. Gangwon, who suffered from a severe slump with 4 draws and 4 losses in 8 games after the opening, defeated FC Seoul in the 9th round and even Jeonbuk Hyundai in the 10th round to rise to the top of 10 points with 2 consecutive wins. Although they are still in the relegation zone in 11th place, the difference in points is not large enough to give them a chance to win.

Unlike them, the sluggish performance of Jeonbuk, who was considered a strong candidate for the championship this season, is shocking as it shows no signs of improving over time. Last season, I lost 7 times in 38 games, but this season, I have already lost 6 times in 10 games. The ranking is also in the relegation zone, 10th. Although there are negative factors such as injuries to key players such as Cho Kyu-seong and Kim Jin-su pouring out from the beginning, it is basically evaluated that Jeonbuk’s unique ‘winning DNA’ has disappeared. In particular, in the recent match against Gangwon, veterans Hong Jeong-ho and Kim Moon-hwan were sent off for a fight with the referee, disappointing the fans.

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