‘180 billion won’ Wonderkid chooses ‘Galactico’ Real Madrid as the next club…”Negotiations will begin”

April 29, 2023 0 Comments

Can Jude Bellingham join the Santiago Bernabéu?

Spain’s ‘As’ said on the 28th (Korean time): “Bellingham prefers Real Madrid as his next career move. Real has always made it clear that getting ‘confirmation’ directly from the player is the first step in signing Bellingham. Now Real will start negotiations with Dortmund.”

“Real believes that the amount to invest for Bellingham will not exceed 120 million euros (approximately 177.2 billion won). “We want to sign Bellingham along with Meni, Eduardo Camavinga and Federico Valverde to form the next generation of midfield.”

Bellingham grew up at Birmingham City and then entered the big leagues when he moved to Dortmund. Despite his young age at the time, he drew attention by recording a transfer fee of 25 million euros (approximately 34.7 billion won). There was also a negative prospect of overpay from some. However, Dortmund decided to invest by believing in Bellingham, who had gone through the England national team by age group.메이저사이트

The result was a great success. Bellingham has established itself as a core force in Dortmund. He left an impact on the stages of the German Bundesliga as well as the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) and Europa League (UCL). Despite being a central midfielder, Bellingham boasts sharp feet to record 17 offensive points (10 goals, 7 assists) this season.

As the international competition was added, the ransom price skyrocketed. Bellingham has been in the spotlight through UEFA Euro 2020 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. According to football statistics media ‘Transfermarkt’, Bellingham was only worth 11 million euros (approximately 15.8 billion won) just before joining Dortmund, but is currently being evaluated up to 120 million euros (approximately 172.5 billion won).

English Premier League (EPL) clubs stuck first, but even Real Madrid joined. ‘As’ insisted that negotiations would take place in earnest, saying that Bellingham preferred to go to Real Madrid. Bellingham is expected to ponder his next career in earnest after the end of the season.

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