‘142.2 billion’ striker only scored 15 goals… “If the team power is good”

May 15, 2023 0 Comments

 How was the first season of Liverpool’s Darwin Nunez (23)?

British media ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 14th (Korean time), “Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp claimed that if the team had had the best season this season, Núñez would have scored more than 20 goals.” reported.

“Klopp said he expects more from Núñez next season, but he needs time to adapt.”

“If we had a good season with 70-80 points, he would have scored 20 or more goals,” said Klopp.

“We talked about it. He needs time to adapt. At Benfica, he never had a language problem or less than here. We will try to help him. We will be able to help more than we have done so far. will,” he said.

Núñez is a player who fits the modifier ‘Divine’. He scored 26 goals in the regular league alone in the 2021-22 season at Benfica, Portugal, and became the league’s top scorer.

In particular, his performance in the UEFA Champions League caught the attention of coach Klopp. Núñez scored six goals in the Champions League last season, two of them in the quarter-final against Liverpool. He scored one goal each in the first and second games.

In the end, Liverpool paid a lot of money to sign Nuñez. He invested 85 million pounds (approximately 142.2 billion won) in transfer fees. This is a testament to how much Liverpool hopes for Nuñez.

However, his first season performance did not go unnoticed. He has 15 goals and 4 assists in 42 games. In the Premier League, he is posting 9 goals and 3 assists in 29 matches. There are evaluations that the decision-making power is still lacking, such as missing a good opportunity.스포츠토토

Liverpool are 5th in the league this season with 62 points. This is the lowest performance since the 2015-16 season, when they finished 8th in the league. Manager Klopp analyzed that it would have been more difficult for Núñez to adapt to the season when the team’s performance was declining.

It was also his debut season for Núñez. It took time to adjust to the new league and team. However, Klopp predicts that next season will be different.

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