100 million won in cash found in Rolls Royce man’s house… Suspicion of connection to ‘MZ gangster’

September 4, 2023 0 Comments

Prosecutors have secured hundreds of millions of dollars from the home of a man who hit and seriously injured a woman in her 20s while driving a luxury car while under the influence of drugs in Gangnam, Seoul. Prosecutors believe that this money may be the proceeds of organized crime activities.

According to the legal community on the 4th, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Violent Crime Investigation Department (Chief Prosecutor Shin Jun-ho) discovered and confiscated cash worth over 100 million won during a search of the residence of the suspect, Mr. Shin (28)먹튀검증, on the 21st of last month.

The prosecution, which took over the case from the police, is known to have additionally captured the circumstances surrounding Mr. Shin’s involvement with an organization called a ‘peer group’. Unlike existing gangs that are based on regional connections, peer groups are also called ‘ MZ gangs’ as gangs in their 20s and 30s move across gangs and gather together with people of similar age.

The prosecution is looking into related suspicions, raising questions about the source of Mr. Shin’s funds, including the fact that Mr. Shin drove a vehicle worth hundreds of millions of won even though he was in his 20s, and that he recently paid a large sum of money and appointed a former high-ranking prosecutor’s lawyer.

Mr. Shin is accused of driving a Rolls-Royce car while under the influence of drugs in Gangnam, Seoul on the 2nd of last month, and crashing onto the sidewalk, leaving a woman in her 20s brain dead.

The police arrested and forwarded Mr. Shin to the prosecution on the 18th of last month on charges of causing injury by dangerous driving and causing injury while fleeing (hit and run) under the Aggravated Punishment Act for Specific Crimes, causing serious injury under the Special Act on Traffic Accidents, and drug driving under the Road Traffic Act.

As a result of the police requesting the National Institute of Forensic Science, seven types of psychotropic drugs, including ketamine, were detected in Mr. Shin’s body.

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