10 gold medals without a fight… Suspicious athlete who passed college

December 12, 2022 0 Comments

Athlete A, a national sambo player who started exercising in the 3rd grade of elementary school and became a 3rd grader in high school this year, recently applied for the special selection of excellent physical education at Yongin University.

During his three years in high school, he won five gold medals in the men’s division of the domestic competition alone.

However, last month, as a result of the martial arts sports department entrance examination, which selects two players, player A received ‘preliminary number 1’ instead of the expected pass.

Because he had players who won more awards than he did.

Player A’s parents reported to Yonhap News on the 12th, “Both of the two successful candidates are female athletes. In particular, the successful player B has never fought and won 10 gold medals.”

Athlete A, who won 5 gold medals after fierce competition, lost to B, who automatically won 10 gold medals without even playing a game thanks to her solo appearance.

Sambo, a traditional Russian martial art, is divided into sports sambo (cannot hit) and combat sambo (can hit) depending on whether direct hitting is possible.

Player B dominated the gold medal in both sports and combat sambo by participating in the national team selection event and national championships in the corresponding weight class last year when he was a sophomore in high school. It was a gold medal that was automatically won without a real fight by participating alone.

This year, six gold medals were added in the same way, and in one competition, both high school and general divisions participated, winning a total of four in sports and combat events. This, too, was thanks to ‘I competed alone’.

Another athlete, C, who was admitted to Yongin University by winning 4 gold medals, 1 silver medal, and 1 bronze medal each in high school, also received 3 out of 4 gold medals in solo competitions. The silver and bronze medals were won in competitions with other players participating.

Player A’s parents are in the position that “Sambo, a fighting event, is much more competitive for male players, but it is unfair to decide whether to win or lose based only on awards without considering gender.”

In particular, he emphasized, “It is difficult 안전놀이터 to understand that a gold medal is given to an athlete who has not even participated in the game and this medal is reflected in the college entrance exam.”

Regarding this, the Korea Sambo Federation explained, “We decided to give a medal to the player in question as well, judging that it was not the player’s fault to compete alone in the weight class.”

Instead, he explained, “We took measures to reflect the number of players in the entrance exam by indicating how many players participated in the remarks column of the game performance certificate submitted to the university.”

The Korea Sambo Federation added, “We plan to discuss whether to supplement the prize rules through a meeting soon. We also invited the parents concerned.”

Yongin University announced that it selects students who passed the department by reflecting 20% ​​of the student record and 80% of the awards.

In order to prevent controversy related to the admissions officer, a quantitative evaluation was introduced that only reflects the performance of the award, but it is the position that it did not predict whether the problem of ‘a single gold medal passer’ would occur.

However, it was admitted that the number of athletes participating in each weight category on the competition performance certificate issued by the Korea Sambo Federation was confirmed belatedly after the announcement of the successful applicants.

Yongin University said, “I learned this time that player A is an excellent player, and I feel sorry for him.

Although successful applicants broke through the loopholes in the system, the same problem could be repeated in the 2024 entrance exam as it is a rule to determine the entrance exam rules two years in advance.

Regarding this, Yongin University said, “We have confirmed that (the current system) is controversial, so we plan to discuss the 2025 entrance exam again.”

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